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dialog development

An association of professionals working in the property market in the Czech Republic, as well as other countries around the world. Some of us have over 20 years of experience, and others are new colleagues who have recently completed their education or are only just setting out.

We also have consultants who are less than 15 years old; unfortunately we are unable to sign any kind of consultancy contracts with them, but in some cases their ideas are so revolutionary and fascinating that we are taking them into our considerations and recommendations to our clients.

Thanks to our approach (dialog development), our colleagues and clients become friends, enjoying time with us and creating a unique team which really does think “outside the box” with no limitations. Our association has no borders, we have no structure like large corporations do, and so most of our ideas bring forth new and original solutions.


financial reward and a unique satisfaction

We enjoy what we do, putting everything we have learnt and experienced into it. Besides financial rewards, we also have the unique satisfaction of being able to change and set up new projects, develop public space and in some cases even convince core market players to make changes to projects which they already invested significant amounts in during the preparatory phase. We call this second “opinion development”. In most cases, it really works and the value of our co-operation is not just a feeling of satisfaction, but also measurable in a conventional manner, i.e. financially.


find a route

It would be our pleasure to find a route to co-operate with you too, creating a unique project in Prague or anywhere else.

To the current time, we have been involved in developing projects with total investment costs of around two hundred million euros.

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Etarea Invenium s.r.o.
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